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Information and Quality of our Products

Our pellets are a natural product – 100% pure coniferous wood!

Wood pellets are made of sawdust without any addition of auxiliary materials. The sawdust gets pressed through a hole matrix at high temperatures. Due to the low water content, our pellets have a high energy content and need only small storage areas similar to an oil heating system. Because of the homogenity of the product, it’s possible to reach a highly equal combustion with almost no pollution. Being a pure biomass product, pellets are CO2-neutral and therefore do not contribute to the greenhouse effect. The ash can easily be used as fertilizer. Our Combustick originates only from excellent production sites that are all certified DIN PLUS as well as EN PLUS A1. Sticking to our main principle - ONLY THE BEST IS GOOD ENOUGH FOR KING CUSTOMER - we regularly monitor and assure ourselves that all our suppliers meet the high quality standards our Combustick. All our partners are professionals in this sector who know their business for years and are able to guarantee a constantly high quality all year long. This constanly controlled quality is reflected and guaranteed by our regularly reviewed certificates:







Diameter: 6 mm
Length: from 3,15 to 40 mm
Heat value: ≥ 4,9 kWh/kg
Moisture: ≤ 8%
Residual ash:  ≤ 0,5%

Composition: 100% spruce / fir


The goods are packed in 15 kg bags and 66 bags per pallet. Big bag of approx. 1 ton.

One full truck of pellets transports approx. 24/25 tons.


Reliability and flexibility of our deliveries:

It is one of our key objectives to supply our customers as quick and as reliable as possible all year long, offering the price advantage of a direct delivery without additional warehouse costs. For this reason we constantly deliver from altogether 6 factories, exclusively situated in the European Union, that do not only meet the standards rquested by law, but also the high quality standards requested for the Combustick pellets. To guarantee a quick and straightforward delivery we usually try to satisfy our customers from the gegraphically closest situated factory. If this should not be possible for some tecnical or logistical reason we are able to satisfy our customers problem-free from one of the other factories without suffering any degradation of the material. We therefore guarantee a reliable all-season supply of high quality Combustick pellets.




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